All you need to know about swimming

Swimming is a fascinating activity performed and appreciated by a huge number of people worldwide. Swimmers have capabilities that equal to superhuman or supernatural like powers. There are some amazing rituals associated with swimming and swimmers can do several weird activities with their body. One can visit www.yourswimlog.comto know more.

  1. The freedivers can hold on to their breath for quite a long time

Individuals can normally hold their breath for 2 minutes on an average whereas a freediver can do so for 10 minutes or even more.

  1. A swimmer on an average swims nearly 1 million strokes in every season

At the end of a season, a swimmer is calculated to have used 1 million strokes approximately. This often leads to shoulder injuries.

  1. Swimmers sweat in the water

The sweat loss from the body of a swimmer in water is equivalent to that of any other athlete on land.



  1. Shaving has a real meaning among swimmers

Shaving does not mean simply removing hair; it is done to improve one’s performance. There are believes that swimmers shave to look good in their swim costume and reduce drag but this is not what researches and studies at your swim log uggest. Removing hair increases the skin’s sensitivity of a swimmer when in water.

  1. Flexing toes by swimmers to the ground

Swimmers can easily sit by stretching their legs in front of them and at the same time point their toes to the ground.

  1. Breaststroke is considered to be the oldest of all

Many people believe the breaststroke is the oldest swimming stroke.

  1. Children at the age of 2 months can start taking swimming lessons

Parents can start teaching their children to swim at the age of 2 months.

  1. Swimmers use every muscle while swimming

Swimming is an entire body workout and compels an individual to use all the body muscles. If you suffer from muscle tightness or joint pain when swimming, you might want to consider looking into CBD oils.


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